Cheaters use WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter


The extramarital dating site for married and attached people, Victoria Milan, revealed that 83% of cheaters use mobile technologies to contact their lovers.
The study was conducted among 12 500 female and male cheaters from the US, the UK, Germany, France and Spain, regarding how they contact their lovers.
It reveals that 51% of cheaters who contact their lover via mobile use apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter, followed by mobile texts (15%), phone calls (13,6%), e-mail (9,8%), the mobile version of the Victoria Milan Web site (8,6%), and voice messages (2%).
Most of the cheaters surveyed use their normal telephone number to reach their lovers, but 15% have another “secret SIM card” for keeping their mobile number secret.
About 74% have a contract instead of using prepaid cards even though it is inherently riskier given that their bill provides a complete record of everyone they have contacted via phone and text each month.
Sigurd Vedal, CEO and founder of Victoria Milan, comments: “Everyone is using mobile technology to reach people close to them. Just remember to immediately erase all text messages that you send to or receive from lovers. It helps you to avoid getting caught.”



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