Japan finances Mozambique’s new health science institute

Deputy Foreign Minister Eduardo Coloma

Deputy Foreign Minister Eduardo Coloma

Maputo – The Japanese government has donated 18,460 US dollars for the construction of an Institute of Health Sciences, in the neighbourhood of Infulene, in the southern city of Matola. The grant agreement was signed in Maputo on Friday by Deputy Foreign Minister Eduardo Coloma and by the Japanese ambassador, Akira Mizutani.

  The new institute will provide basic and mid-level training for health workers. It will cater for up to 450 students, in 15 classes of 30 pupils each.

  Koloma stressed that the Infulene Institute is a priority for the government since “It will contribute towards improving health services for Mozambicans, by adding to the number of training units in this area”.

  Mozambique, he added, hoped that it could continue to count on Japanese support in the fight against poverty and for the development of the country.

“We are very pleased that we can give this support to Mozambique”, Mizutani said, pledging that the new institute will be equipped with the latest technology.

The institute will train staff for mother and child care, preventive medicine, nursing, and dentistry, as well as laboratory technicians, and specialists in maintaining hospital equipment.

  In addition to classrooms, laboratories, and administrative offices, the Institute will have a lecture theatre that can hold 300 people, a canteen for 250 people and four houses for teachers and managers. AIM



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