Tourism Academy graduates ready for labour market

Seychelles Vice President Danny Faure

Seychelles Vice President Danny Faure

Victoria – The Seychelles Tourism Academy (STA) has put another 212 students trained as professionals in Hospitality and Tourism on the labour market in the presence of Seychelles Vice President Danny Faure and Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture. Remarkably enough, the 2012/2014 cohort is historical for the academy.

  For the first time, 10 post-graduate sommeliers shaped by the Seychelles Tourism Academy walked out of the institution with an Advanced Certificate. It was in 2012, that Seychelles Tourism Academy introduced the Advanced Certificate in Sommelier and Oenology. This course designed for post–graduate students is molding them into more trained and knowledgeable wine professionals. The 10 sommeliers, together with students graduated in certificates and advanced certificates in Restaurant & Bar Services, Food Production, Tourism & Tour Guiding, Reception Operations and Services, Wellness and Spa, and Accommodation Operations & Services should, according to the Seychelles Tourism Academy, view the tourism industry as their bread and butter.

  The tourism industry, said Flavien Joubert, Principal of the Seychelles Tourism Academy, offers them a stream of opportunities and the scope to gravitate to higher positions.

“As you move to take your first industry position, have positive attitudes, be hard working, be honest, and be respectful to your working colleagues. Be respectful of rules and regulations, be respectful of the code of conducts and of procedures of your company,” Flavien Joubert said.

Joubert said that the Academy was spending thousands of rupees for training in higher learning to reflect the changing reality of the labour market. The Academy believes in the production of more graduates in areas of the industry which are growing. “The Seychelles Tourism Academy ensures graduates continue to be trained with graduate learning. Our in-service training department has created a new entity to offer Seychellois tourism professionals.”

  The Principal of the Seychelles Tourism Academy’s words of wisdoms were pronounced in his opening speech during the graduation ceremony. Claude Narain, the Patron of Seychelles Tourism Academy, gave his word to turn the Academy into the best resort school in Seychelles.

  “The Seychelles Tourism Academy has the potential to become the best resort school in Seychelles. We should introduce modules of resort management. We should have a dream team to make it happen. I pledge to turn this Academy into the best hotel resort management academy in Seychelles.”

  John Stravens, Chairman of the Seychelles Hospitality and Tourism Association, came with words of caution for the students. “You have all received your certificates resulting from your hard work. This is only the foundation. Good news is that the industry is in a position to enrol everyone. Cultivate yourselves, learn more; the more you know, the more you will be recognized,” he said, adding that Seychelles needs citizens that are reliable. “Reward comes after success. Learn to progress. With endurance and hard work you will eventually progress,” he concluded.

  The Seychelles Tourism Academy Graduation Ceremony is crucial for the students, because it signals to the graduates that their hard work can be rewarding. Students who excel in their respective courses were awarded. The highlight of the graduation ceremony was the recipient of the President’s Award. Guselle Hortence, a full-time student who followed the Advanced Certificate in Restaurants and Bar Services walked away with this prestigious award. Seychelles is a founding member of the International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP) .  Source: Seychelles Ministry of Tourism and Culture




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