Land policy underway


MBABANE – Government, through the Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy, is in the process of formulating a Land Policy, to regulate land prices among other aims.

The acting Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy, Winnie Stewart, reluctantly confirmed that processes that would culminate in the finalisation of a land policy were well underway. She said formulation of the policy was at its initial stages and promised to release more details on the document in due course.

“The ministry is not yet ready to release details of the land policy because it is still being discussed at the certain structures,” said Stewart.


When pressed to give details of which structures were currently discussing the land policy, she responded: “The land policy is still being worked on. There are a number of stakeholders who are still to be engaged. We will inform the public when it is ready to be publicised.”

Asked what had prompted government to collate the policy, Stewart said; “This is a very sensitive issue that I cannot just talk about publicly before the engagement of some structures. Issues that touch on land are fragmented; there are various government ministries which are involved. The policy will help centralise land issues to be under one roof and also improve record keeping.”

The acting PS strongly emphasised that the land policy formulation was presently at a ground level.
“The ministry is working on the policy with structures that I cannot reveal at present,” Stewart stressed.
Against this backdrop, the Times Business Desk has been made to understand that the policy encompasses the regulation of land pricing.


Furthermore, it is said it will permit that Swazi Nation Land (SNL) could be convertible to Title Deed Land. It is said this will enable people leaving in rural areas to be able to use the land as collateral when seeking finance from financial institutions.

-Times of Swaziland



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